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Second Summer Cycle

July 11, 2023

CALLING ALL RIDERS! Join Team Latham for the Second Summer Cycle (formerly the Last Gasp) on Sunday, September 17th, 2023. This year’s charity ride is in-person and has options to accommodate every type of cyclist from the recreational rider to pro! Registration is FREE for Latham staff members. The minimum fundraising commitment is $500 (we…

PWS Heroes! Student Bridget with Staffer Catherine AND Alan with Staffers Bethany and Jodi

May 31, 2023

Bridget has a wonderful, warm personality. She’s often quiet, but her many gifts shine through! Recently, she was the star in the Children’s Program’s Tinker Bell performance. She impressed the audience of 75+ with her delivery and occasional one-liner! On this final day of PWS Awareness Month, we could not think of a better image…

PWS Heroes! Student Will with Staffer Gerard AND Colin and Staffer Kristen

May 30, 2023

Student Will and Staffer Gerard have both joined us within the past year, and they are shining examples of our PWS community. Will has many interests, including being a barber, and Gerard fosters his growth in our residential program. You met Kristen from our Adult Program earlier this month, and here she is again with…

PWS Heroes! Students Matt and Chris with Staffer Laura AND Michael with Staffer Kendra

May 29, 2023

Matt and Chris are both great students, especially in the vocational classroom. Laura, Career Services Manager, oversees a robust department focused on job preparation skills ranging from horticulture to soap making. Michael has been a resident in our Adult Program for many years, and with the support of his family and staffers like Kendra, he…

Latham Heroes! Student Juliette with Staffer Lindsay AND Bess with Staffer Gina

May 28, 2023

Lindsay creates beautiful braids, and Juliette is one of our many youngsters who loves spending time with Lindsay and learning how to braid… Gina is our Vice President of Adult Services and has worked with Bess in both our Children’s and Adult Services Programs – they enjoy each other’s company, especially doing arts and crafts together.…

PWS Heroes! Student Kai with Staffer Ron AND Ayanna with Staffer Jamie!

May 27, 2023

  Both Emilee and her staffer Maureen are compassionate and caring people. They are captured here right before heading off to an outing where they were excited to do some bird watching. Ayanna (highlighted last week) and Brian go to the Cotuit Center for the Arts to watch plays with their staffer Jaylene – what…

PWS Heroes! Student Ann and Staffer Julia

May 26, 2023

Julia started working at Latham Centers recently and was welcomed onto campus immediately by Ann. Ann is a creative student who loves art and yoga. During this photo, Ann and Julia were learning about being an artist during Latham’s Community Members Day! PWS Awareness Month TIP of the Day: Sibling Support Allow siblings a safe…

PWS Heroes! Student Sean and Staffer Rob H.

May 25, 2023

Sean is an amazing young man to work with – he is kind and has an easy-going nature! Our staff, like Rob, enjoy spending time with him going on walks along our local trails. PWS Awareness Month TIP of the Day: Healthy Eating. Contact your health insurance company if you need assistance building a healthy…

PWS Heroes! Student Anissa with Staffers Cooper and Mac AND Drew with Staffer Kristen

May 24, 2023

Anissa is the life of the party, and Mac and Cooper LOVE to work with her. Mac and Cooper are both Residential Supervisors and have truly impacted the lives of our residents! Anissa loves getting her hair cut and participating in fun activities hosted by our staff. Everyone loves spending time with Drew, especially Kristen,…

Resident with two awesome Latham staff from the adult program

PWS Heroes! Student Luke with Staffer Patti AND Stephanie with Staffers Nettie and Kathy

May 23, 2023

Patti has worked at Latham in the Residential and Training Departments, and Luke has gotten to know her well as a student here. He loves talking to her about all his new goings-on when they catch up, including his UPCOMING graduation – CONGRATS, LUKE! Stephanie from our Adult Program is shown posing for a photo…

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